Engine Error Crash

I was playing on gangwarsrp server, more specificly the Unlimited one, and admins say the server is restarting for a fix/update, so it does.

I rejoin, download the new lua cache file, and it hits Sending Client info. Then crashes to desktop… I get this Engine Error window that pops up that says “Izma.Uncompress Failed in Datapack”

Here is a screenshot http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r64/keyfoot/error-2.png

5+ people in the community have this now, i can join the other server that i can join, it only happens on the Unlimited server.

Someone suggested delete your lua folder, so i did, and it still does it.

Its the servers fault, it probably has a corrupt datapack

their server has a corrupt datapack

(go find another server)

Please explain. Wouldnt Everyone be affected?


send the error to Garry… unless someone else have any 2 cents about it

Garrys is the reason i have this error in the first place D: everyone in gmod hates him, every update he makes breaks more shit.

You have to delete your cache folder in your graaysmod folder.