Engine Error Fix?

Hello so my Gmod have this error recently and I don’t know how to fix it. I think it happen because I downloaded Intelligent HUD, I already tried reinstalling many time and unsub to all mods but nothing help.

Sounds like something on your system is restricting GMod from running code. Firewall or antivirus maybe?

Not it, I already have it in my list of exception for my firewall and I have no antivirus program…

After googling for 5 mins it seems that you have not enough kernel memory or something…

Can you post a screenshot of your task manager? This is what I am looking for:

I know it will look different on win8

(The rest of this post is a bit of a guess but the root of your problem is that a VirtualProtect C call is failing in LuaJIT. LuaJIT needs to call this to mark certain memory that is allocated during runtime as executable.)

Perhaps you have Data Execution Protection enabled for all processes. Try following these steps to return the setting to a less strict option.

Right Click Computer

Advanced System Settings

Data Execution Protection tab

Select the "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only" if it is not already selected.

Alternatively find the option to disable the protection for just Garry’s Mod using the same method.

Is the second option on DEP the one to disable it? Since the first has already been selected and when I tried to turn it off this happen

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Here you go

The first option should be selected.

Show the memory tab.

memory tab

EDIT: What the… apparently Gmod now work again, weird I haven’t done anything at all. Well I guess thank you for your time and effort :slight_smile: Or we might see me again

Edit: I’m back! the error happen when I start a new game so there is still that