Engine Error - Map With No Planes

I have just started mapping on CS:GO and when I compile any map I get this error:

No idea, looked on google and people said it was brush errors and I made a whole new map simple as possible and it sill does this. Any one know?

It doesn’t say it’s brush errors when you look it up on google.

Usually you should have posted the compile log but this first result on google will show that it’s a leak in your map.


Some posts down you can see how to make sure the skybox won’t leak anything and prevent this error.

If you are talking about this:

Then this does not work, I did this to all my sky box’s.

structure_seal ?

F14, brush entities don’t seal a map. To solve leaks you have to make your skyboxes normal brushes with the skybox tool texture.

Also, go to the developer wiki for some tips and tutorials.


Please post the compile log.