Engine Error: No Free Edics

Whenever I’m playing single player, if I spawn too many entities I get the error: Engine Error: No Free Edics

For example. Spawning too many crates. Spawning too many watermelons. Etc.
I’ve done a google search and people say you could add this to the launch option: -num_edicts 2047
But it doesn’t seem to work with garry’s mod.

Basically, garry’s mod is putting a cap on how many entities i can spawn. My fps are just fine. I’m trying to make a video involving a lot of physics, and I need lots of watermelons.

Does anyone know a solution? Thanks in advanced!

prop limit is around 3000 props

Know how to change it?

What map are you on?
If it’s anything like Botmap or Mobenix3 that’s your problem.

Play in flatgrass. If you are using the stacker/duplicator tool, do at least a two-second wait in between shots.

does that mean -num_edicts doesn’t work in gmod?

It’s the game engine, you try adding -num_edicts in any other game and it won’t work AFAIK. It’s mainly because that’s a severside option, not clientside, and the server starts up after you start gmod, so that commant is ignored.