Engine Error - No Free Edicts?

Yep! Say’s ED_Alloc: no free edicts

Does that after awhile on my own server.

The engine has used up all the space it had for entities. Stop making so much crap.

No free edicts =either 200 props or lots of effects n’ stuff

I get this error when I destroy wooden houses that I made with missiles. Is there a way to make the wooden props spew less wood chips upon destruction?

If you made and scripted the models, yes.
Since this is not correct about you, you can’t.
Unless you fix some lua.

200? Hell no! Not unless you have a craptastic rig. I have spawned over a 1000 wood crates and blew them up with no crash but it was slow. But yeah the error is caused by too much shit. So the solution as stated and now reaffirmed is stop spawning so much stuff.

Damn, I was hoping for some kind of fix, if any.

This error ocurred to me when me and my mate were building tree houses :confused:

Anyway to perhaps tweak the game files, allowing more ‘edicts’ or whatever it is that is being consumed?

i push this thread one time…

i got the same error ever when i try to make a wire turret… o.O. i build it then it turns three times and bam engine error… anyone know help?

Hmm… I wouldn’t be so sure about 1000 objects, really. Here was this day where I did sbox_maxprops 15000 (I forgot to change it back) and let the another admin play with stacker and stairs (Stair Dismount anybody?). So when I got back, I was going to connect and it did Reliable Snapshot Overflow. I connected through rcon, did ent_remove_all prop_physics and it removed more than 8000 props.

The engine will crash when you reach about 25k to 30k objects.

that just happened and i used the prop cannon and i was making a giant tank and it said that

The limits are hardwired into the source engine. There is no real way to fix this except for spawning less props, or messing up your gmod core files, which is pretty impossible to do.

Source engine can handle 2048 dynamic entities at once. Not all entities are dynamic, like prop_static and light entities. More than 2048 dynamic entities and it will give you the No Free Edicts error.

This just happened to me on rp_coast09 in single player. There wasnt much to use up edicts. There was a total of:
1 photon cannon
1 scripted turret
1 helicopter (the new one)

that was it

edit: oh wow this is an old thread sorry

This happened to me, and i had made a wire holographic scanner, but it was made with like 5 props, and it gave me this error, now when i dont do technical things like Wire, like spawn billions of boxes and blow them up, it doesn’t give me that error. Just when im wiring something good. It pissed me off, cus it took me 20 minutes to figure it all out >:(

You can have it without even spawning a prop.

There is a bug in gmod from somewhere around update #65 with ghosting which causes the same crash.

It seems to be only with certain custom models though, but before the update (could be 64 or 63 to, not 100% sure) the ghosting worked fine for the same models and didn’t cause this crash…

I got this error when i had 25 zombies and i blew them all up with a nuke (i have done this thousands of times using more than 25, like 450, so i cant figure it out!)

I got this error when i set the whole map on fire and destroyed several wooden boats whith rpgs