Engine Error: portalnum > numareaportals

I have looked around but every one of these errors happens because people just place too much area portals I did not do that, I want to make sure I get the right help so here is my story: I used source 2007 to start a EP2 mod, I used GCFScape to unpack all the necessary files to modify them. I moved my map originally made for HL2 to the EP2 maps folder replacing the ep2_outland_01.bsp, then I went to go play it this error happened

so I recompiled the map fast and same result, then I did it again just not using vvis.exe at all same result. Yes I have made sure all of my directories are correct and the map is compiling and replacing the ep2_outland_01.bsp.

Btw I moved the gameinfo from 2007 to 2009.

  • Am I not doing something to the mod?
  • Is it solvable with hammer editor somehow?