Engine Error: SteamClient()->GetISteamFriends

Recently, like others I have spoken to, I have been victimised by the almighty Engine Error: NO STEAM APPS thing whenever I tried to run Garry’s Mod. After the update yesterday, I now have THIS when trying to run Garry’s Mod:

Engine Error: SteamClient()->GetISteamFriends
I have no idea what on Earth is going on, so, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah +1, Just got the apps fixed now SteamClient() ->GetISteamFriends

If anybody has a solution please help quickly, I leave for someone’s house at 3PM this afternoon and I would love to show them first hand Garry’s Mod.

I’m pretty sure this wont be fixed today, maybe 1 - 3 days.

Unfortunately I think you’re right. Oh well, I guess some other stuff will have to do.

Still, no fix. :@

please change your avatars goddamn

then you have a much better shot at help

Seriously? Because I have the default avatar I don’t receive help?

I think it is because you guys have cracked steam, my friend has bought gmod but cracked dod and stuff and he gets the error and when he reinstalled steam and didnt crack it he doesnt get the error now.

Sorry for bad typing i am really tired.

Hope this solves the problems for you guys.

Please respond if this worked or not.

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possibly playing a cracked version of the game

let me just rush to help you guys

so any luck or have you not come up with the $10 yet


goddamn automerge timer

This. BTW, my avatar is purposely like this.


Actually, fuck it, changing it now.

it would be better without the text and IF YOU GO THERE it should say OIFY

i didn’t crack steam, i bought garrysmod!

I bought Garry’s Mod too. What a waste of 10 ten fucking bucks if there’s no fix…

Hmm, must consider this…

oh no ten whole dollars that must be like a month’s savings to you right

god forbid you can’t play a game for two days while a hotfix is being made, your life will never be complete


so by 10 ten do you mean you payed $1010 or $10²

Says the guy with a 1000 post count. I’m sorry. I have a life. This website isn’t my home and I don’t stick around and stalk people about editing their posts. I paid for a product and I expect it to work no matter how much it costs.

IF i pirated I wouldn’t be asking here.

Prove that you didn’t by fixing your Steam community profile link, then.