Engine Error - too many indices for index buffer

Garry’s Mod crashed with the following error message:

MiniDump file.

Happened to me, I just verified my files on Steam and never happened again. Try that?

This isn’t a bug with G Mod itself, but with the server. There are too many indices (materials, sprites) on screen. So many that the index buffer is overflowing from its max value of 32768.

It may be caused by a poor quality map or addon, but otherwise it’s a rather obscure issue.

It happened to me on my server, and I thought the same, but after verifying the files, it hasn’t happened again.

Usually it’s to do with a faulty playermodel for my TTT server, so it’s just a process of elimination until we find out the cause. It’s annoying to do, but it works.

Yeah… I got crashed multiple times today while playing on the same server.
Server IP and everything else (server convars, mah computer specs, etc.) can be found in a minidump file.
Eh. I’ve also saw “Caching indices …” text ingame around other players, just saying. PAC…

In my experience, it seems to be playermodels that have extreme bits of detail within them (ie the tail on a character, abrupt endings, curves, etc). Never really seen what your reporting there, Omega.