Engine error

I got a error on my server that happend every day on random time.


Whats your PC Specs?
I assume its RAM size error, probably you have 2GB RAM + 2GB pagefile.sys and engine need more space for code, and when its not space than it crahes down.

Well it happens at random ppl not only my and my pc is not bad.


Intel I7-3770K 3,50GHZ

32 bit or 64?

Listen its not my pc it happens to more ppl on the same time.
Its garrysmod or my server.
My server has 1024mb ram and centos6 64bit.

you server should have more than 1gb of ram. you should get about 2gb of ram to have some breathing room.

It’s Linux though, He shouldn’t have issues with only one server running on CentOS.

Doesn’t matter if you have 64 or 32 bit.

You have small RAM as hell, you need larger RAM to keep your server out of buffer crashes.

If you have medium number of things in server then 2 GB should be enough
If you have very lot of stuff in your server (lots of models and HD textures (4k is max size for Source), Source engine can be bitch for RAM ussage when you have 4k textures), then i recommend 4GB.
But i think 2GB should be enough to run sever up.

Its the hobo weapon (bugbait)
If you spam it you will crash and the ppl around it.
But its not always, its random