Engine Error

Hello, there i get an server crash like 2 times a day where i get this error:

and the server wont restart until i press okay.

Where could this Error be caused?
How can i fix it?

Thank you for your help :>


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aka for the lazy one, verfiy your servers cache.

Mhm but how is the command von steamcmd?

Read the thread.

Go to steam, click games, view game library, Find “Garry’s Mod”, Right click, Properties, LOCAL FILES, Verify Integrity of game cache, Open game after done downloading, open console, type “mat_dxlevel 95”. If that dosn’t work then uninstall the game. After, delete the steam/steamapps/common/gmod file.
Then, reinstall the game and type “mat_dxlevel 95” in console.

Well, im not using HLDSUpdatetool. And in the thread there is only an command for HLDS…
is there any command for SteamCMD?

its the same command whatsoever. Using google might help you. (saldy not allowed to post lmgtfy links)

Try setting sv_parallel_packentities and sv_parallel_sendsnapshot both to 0 and let us know if the crashing ceases.

Never heard of those convars, what do they do?