engine error?

hey guys, just wondering if any of you are having the same problem i just got… now, whenever i start garrysmod, it gets up to the loading screen then exits into an “engine error” message that reads:

SteamMountFilesystem(2596,17501,0xed3fc18)failed with error 106:
Failed to resize the cache size.

this happened around the time new steam came out, and it happened directley after i deleted a bunch of addons for gmod, so maybe that has something to do with it, all my other steam games run fine.

i would be very grateful for any assistance, no garrysmod makes me :(…

bump, is ANYONE else having this problem?

Did you delete the mounts in the addons folder?


(all i did was delete the addon folders themselves…then trash em…)

hmm, is there a way to just delete my entire addons folder and still have all my saves and stuff?

does ANYone know what to do…

Right click Garry’s Mod > Properties > Verify Game Cache (Or something like that)