engine error

ok so i start up gmod and it shows the loading thing and then boom right back to the desktop saying engine error steamclient0>getIsteamFriends how do i fix it

You pirated the game. It’s not on your games list.

does that have anything to do why its not working

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Well if you did pirate it, that’s your problem.

really cus yesterday it was working just fine and all of a sudden that hmmmmmm your on to somthig but see garry cant keep pirates form pirating gmod why well think garry realeases an update to fix things gmod.org for example pirates were hacking genissis find a way to buypass verify on gmod.org. just downloading trhen bam now there goin to gmodfiles he cant stop pirateing becuase someones goin to actually own gmod and upload stuff from gmod.org to gmodfiles nomattrer what garry does he cant stopm pirating cuss yea so that could be an anser but one hacker is going to hack gmod and bam the whole process again belive me im a video game designer i know

Sorry what?


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really come on ban this fucker


Making sure you own the game for gmod.org isn’t mainly to stop pirates, it’s to stop all the people who did pirate GMod from using up FPS’ bandwidth. You didn’t buy the game so why should you have that privileged?