Engine error

Ok what would cause an engine error with precaching? Im thinking my hammer is being a tard again.

199/YardSwitchRight5a - func_door: UTIL_SetModel: couldn’t precache: *135

Compile without only entities?

well thing is it was working an hour ago now the game is giving this error, I think i found the bug though. Something in a prefab i mad on another map was conflicting

Some func_door named “yardSwitchRight5a” can’t precache its world model. This is probably due to the brush or brushes that make up the door being mangled/bad. Remake it or delete it.

it wasn’t the model but it was reporting it was. I deleted a building and it fixed itself weirdly enough, so the root problem is something in a prefab building i made. Probably an elevator button or something stupid like that. anyways its working now.