Engine Error

System hardware specs

  • Processor Intel® Pentenium® 4 CPU 3.00 GHz (2 CPUs)
  • RAM 2046mb RAM
  • Graphics Card Nvidea Ge Force FX 5200
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Wire Mod and Adv Dupe

I tried to join my favorite Dark RP server recently, and when it finished sending the client info, I got this:

and then my Garry’s Mod closes itself. Anyone know the problem? Thanks.


The GeForce FX 5200 is really, really old. Try adding -dxlevel 81 to the start up options.

Ok, newbie question… How do I change start-up options?

Right-Click Garry’s Mod in the Steam Library -> Properties -> Start Up Options

On a side note, I had a GeForce 5200 in a desktop from 11 years ago, it might be worth a slight upgrade.

Thank you. Also, I would, but this card is maxing my board, anything else would explode me… But it works for the games I love(Minecraft, Source Games, Terraria) so I’m content until the time comes for a new computer.