Engineer and Medic put up some christmas lights.

Cute. :3
Also nice work with the snow!

Thanks, first time I’ve done snow.

Needs to be a Christmas Card. Have an arty.

Very nice AI, very nice.

You should do more peaceful Christmas pictures.

“Hey there”

The blue light is glowing over the medic’s glove. Just saying.

Ahh… the engineer doing his favorite thing… wiring… The medic helping out with the hanging of the lights. Soon to retire and play violin on his bonesaw… :slight_smile: one happy family…

The Engineer seems a bit skinny, maybe its just me.

Christmas diet.

very good job,but what happen with engineer’s arm?(it’s green O_O)

I really love your work Enhanced great job as always :D.

frostbite tf2 style.

Slap this into the holiday contest, it’s a really nice piece of work.

Yes it is a pretty nice edit. Go for it.

Under shirt

Nice, theres not enough christmas poses this year, it’s really dissapointing… :frowning:

I really like the posing on the engi