Engineer Dude implores Pyro Dude to give him his glove back.

chicken noises

The rubber glove is not quite on his head correctly, slight clipping of his leg into his pouch and for some reason his leg does not look quite right, it sorta looks like its on the middle. Other than that I think its good.

You can clearly see that the engineer still has his glove on.

You can clearly see you’re looking at the wrong hand.


i seriously laughed so hard i had a stomach ache
mwaph mwaph mwaph mwaphaaaph!*
Bwack Bwack Bwack Bwackaaaak!*




Personally, I think of the Pyro as an it until Valve says otherwise.

the critically placed clipping (at the elbow, and the stuff on the belt sinking into the thigh) ruins the picture for me :(…

but the idea is good, and the posing is natural, all that’s wrong is the clipping.

Engineer does not look amused 1%…

gravity engie not amused


I could say “lol rofl lol”
But that will be totally bad so I’ll just say “Very funny picture”

Uh huh.

huh mhmm hmm hu?

I’m starting to like you less.

Amazing, except that glove is not on head directly, and clipping leg, but its still amazing :slight_smile:
Also, Did u EVER realize that Engi has only ONE glove ? Maybe this is the lost second one :smiley:

the engineer only wears one glove