Engineer fixing the car, scout and sniper observing

title is meh

Posing on the Scout and Engi are kinda wonky (Sniper looks just fine), as is the angle.

Try to fill as much of the picture as you can. I find positioning the camera without any ragdolls then posing helps you fill out the pic much better. Helps you find out what areas need to be filled with stuff.

Otherwise it turns out kinda, empty.

The angle is odd it’s giving this weird fish eye vibe, stand back and zoom in more and it’s focusing too much on the ground, the engineers legs look awkward and yeah it’s pretty bland.

To be honest, your poses don’t really deserve a thread, should probably post them here.

Turn bloom the fuck off. You should have put more effort into posing the engineer. He’s just wasting space right now. Scout’s not too interesting, kinda wonking some. Sniper is fine, though. Most admirable part of the pic, ye ye.

But that fuckin’ bloom’s the worst in my opinion. Fuckin’ horrible.

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'Specially not with such shit titles.