Engineer Hive

Oh dear god this is perfect

The honey is a lil bit 2D in places, but as always this is a brilliant concept that has been very well executed.

Loving the wings and honey.

I’m instantly reminded of The Collectors.

Where is the queen engineer? D:


Dat face.

There’s a spy in our honey [midst].

Would have been so much better to have oil instead of honey to feed the young sentries

I feel like I should make a Nature Segment on this like I did the Vagineers.



do eet! do eet!

Here we have a large and productive hive of Engi Mellifera, or Honey Engees. As you can see these magnificent examples of Insect are incredibly productive and work around the clock. They go from Sentry to Sentry and pollinate them with their Wrenches, which helps the spread of more sentries. They collect and create vast amounts of Honey with which they store in their fortified fortress called a Hive. They put Honey in what seems to be buckets with particular markings on them scientists have yet to decipher. Still, it’s safe to assume that Honey Engees are some of the most productive and most successful insects ever to set foot on the earth.


This is cool, the concept, execution. The honey does look a bit 2D but it’s not that big of a deal.

Brilliant :v:


so,those are Beegeneers?

nice editing

4th Engineer from the top left has a pose that is almost spy-like.

And the suspicious wooden engineer to the right of the bucket the flying bee-gineer is holding.

Bees are quite the engineers when building their hive, so this is somewhat related to…

Oh fuck it. This was funny so have one.

This is brilliant.