Engineer in Action!

Made some huge improvements in these pictures, using DoF, Bloom and Sun Beams, and even using a map made with TF2 textures :3

The Engineer has built a sentry. He just have to upgrade his sentry before he goes to take a tasty beer!

Sad thing is, that the picture actually has a Muzzleflash. It seemed to dissapear when I turned on DoF.
So here is how the picture looks like WITHOUT DoF (And Muzzle-flash visible) :smiley:

Constructive critiscism please :slight_smile:

It is ‘better’ than before, work on face posingand try not to filiter rape, i guess it’s ok

I didn’t filter rape it, I used in-game settings to make it look better :frowning:

Also, I tried to make him smile, but I only managed to get him an open-mouth :expressionless: with just traces of a smile :stuck_out_tongue:

You can still filter rape it with ingame settings.

How? :3

Also, I just used the basic settings for bloom and DoF, nothing else :frowning:

The map and the camera angle are shit

zoom a bit

How is the map shit? It’s a gm_construct inspired map with TF2-textures :frowning:

There is almost 0 interesting details on the map in the picture. Add some posters, pipes etc. And align the wall texture.

Pose in low quality.
When taking the picture, turn your settings to high quality.