Engineer Is Disgust(ed)

I’m sorry that this is a horrible video, but some people might enjoy it, also, if anyone is offended by the ending, I’m sorry, it was only meant to be a joke and not offensive.

I’d give you a smarked rating but unfortuantly this is not the Drugs, or “Durgs” discussion section. This’ll make you feel better anyways: (Click it)

In all seriousness, don’t waste your time making videos like this. These TF2 nonsense videos are too cliché for my liking. I advise you to create something with an intriguing storyline. Trust me, you’ll do a lot better that way.

why do you DD’ers have to insert fucking drugs into every damn topic you can find, fuck off.

This was meant to be a horribly stupid video…so I actually take the “Dumb” agreements are compliments :slight_smile:

Did you get out of the wrong side of bed today? As a matter of fact I’m no drugs person and never will be so don’t act like you know me when you quite clearly don’t, now stop being such a fool. A little joke should not cause you to lose your head.

I wouldn’t take them as compliments if I were you. There’s a fine line between “dumb” and “funny”.

lmao how about you just don’t insert drugs into everything ok buddy???

you are a idiot for finding drug humor amusing, especially seeing you ‘are not a drugs person’ yet inject it into something -completely- irrelevant to cannabis.

this is why a lot of people don’t like DD’ers or its lurkers.

You could refer to the video as a “LSD trip”.

Everyone has their own sense of humour. You can call me an idiot for joking about drugs, I can call you an idiot for jokingly calling someone a Nazi.

except in this situation i didn’t call anyone a nazi

the video in no way is a lsd trip, i know what those look like, we don’t like people shitting drugs into topics or threads so stop it, go to dd if you want to do that

Okay…When did this become a drug arguement? Thanks, and yes, I take them as a compliment, because this is dumb, Problem? I don’t give a shit.