Engineer Laughing

New to the forums.

A good first post. Welcome to the forums.

Over all, the posing looks good!

A bit generic, but for a first post that’s better than saying it’s bad.

a damn well fine first post
good job

:golfclap: very well indeed. Welcome to FP

Very nice for a first. I also like how you added a couple more props in the background.

Thats a great first post! Welcome to the forums Yelrah420 :smile:


Nice done.

Nice pose man. you have a bright future with posing in these forums.

Pretty Nice, I like it, Looks like your a natural, but are you a person that’s already in forums?

Good start man!

No actually, this is my first time on any kind of forums. I usually just make Garry’s Mod pictures for fun. And I only bought Garry’s Mod not too long ago like maybe 3 months ago. It’s a pretty cool game.
Thanks for commenting! <3

BTW, I’m a Girl <3 ^^

oh my god it gets better

How So? :o

It’s the interent, full of young horny boys thta get little or no sexual attention in real life, so they have this dream that girls that play games will automatically be attracted to them because they also play games.

I am one of these people :frowning:

Welcome to FacePunch. Pose is ok but his right leg looks stiff and it looks like you forgot to tuck his butt in. And it seems like he doesn’t have a firm grasp on his wrench.

i like it :slight_smile:

Nice it looks realistic.