Engineer needs a vacation


Did you paint daubz?

nice shower streams

Noice, real noice.

reminds me of yesterday when i took my shower and thought the same thing

Nice creative use for those nude models other then sex poses.

Cool work, and really nice editing on the water. Finally a good use of the nude models.

However, I can’t help but notice how enormous his right forearm is compared to his upper arm.

This also appears to be pre-gunslinger.

The model’s arm is huge, indeed. Then again TF2 models aren’t known for their anatomical correctness.

I was mostly just pointing it out because it looked like that area may have been edited somehow. Wasn’t sure you had done something there or if it was just the model.

Pretty damn good.

Damn nice editing. How long did that take to do the water?

Holy shit, best water edit I’ve seen

How dare you:kratos:

And nice picture. Love to see more non generic stuff.


Best water I’ve seen in ages.

i love you rms

water owns, composition owns, posing owns, and it’s not a sexpose despite the model used. highly original to boot.

Very very nice!

Sweet water edit. The physics of it was clearly well thought out.

The water coming from his forehead would probably be running of from his nose, but this is mighty fine work anyhow. Good job.

Nice pose, good expressione exceptional water!

If you could make a tut on that water, I am sure everyone here would love you, as of now majority (including me) are clueluss when making water. Splashes, rain ripples etc…