Engineer protecting the point

This came out complete shit to what I wanted, but I want to show it so I could get help on how I can improve.

this is the first time I tried this so thats probably why

Needs a bit more detail haha

what were you even trying to do i don’t GET It man


The coat could be better, but its very nice.

‘That just aint right’


So standing in a badly made coat with a weak sidearm is “protecting” these days?

Buttons. You need buttons at the very least.

Still, it’s not that bad in general. A few touch-ups here and there and it’d actually be pretty good.

In what universe is .45 ACP considered ‘weak’?

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean “weak” I meant that you’d think that they’d use a more formidable weapon.


Well, this picture -would- be fine. Although I think that it’s definitely gonna be hard to draw on a realistic coat with seams and all, that would save this pic.
I mean, even with the cloth edit (as in that tutorial), you still gotta add on things like the stitching (Attachment points for the sleeves, for example) and the pieces of the coat.

Better, but it’s still not there.