Engineer Riding A Cow (hawt)

Lol, I had a cow and an engineer…didnt know what to do. Bored I was, and decided to try smoke for the first time…didnt go too well. (should search “muzzle smoke” next time). And the cow was a bitch to pose.

The engies left arm looks retarded too, but my posing is getting better :smiley:

while isolating I cut through the engi…somehow, was too lazy to isolate again

maybe if i actually use post processing instead of GIMP for once it wont suck balls…


cow is downloaded from

Wait WTF, where did you get the cow from?

Also, this is one of the few pics where Lens Flare looks good.

Again, isolation sucks bawls.

For isolation all I do is zoom in the trace the pic with some tool, am I doing something wrong?

The blur makes the isolation look worse and so does the part where I scree it all up…how do you guys blur pictures so well?

Looks not so realistic.


what you mean “move that gear up?”

sorry, I really wanna improve and be as good as Vman or Uberslug…not gonna happen but I do wanna get good.