Engineer Shooting at Oncoming Off-Screen Scout Army of Terror

V:v:V Boredom at it’s finest!

(Stupid facial expression, I know. He supposed to be maniacal.):downs:

C&C, yeah. :v: (P.S: I have an apparent obsession with The Engineer)

Would be better if you posed scouts. It’s genre without it.




Generic you idiots.

Nice pose.

Thanks, and it’s called being dumb on purpose on the internet for some strange reason. :wink:

I don’t know, I’m too high to think.

nice, looks pretty good

Nice pose, maybe the muzzleflash could have been a little better, but still.

Actually I think he’s shooting at a oncoming off-Screen soldier army of terror.

Well you’d have to take that up with Vman, seeing as it’s his Muzzleflash an’ all :stuck_out_tongue:


How can you be so sure? :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue: