Engineer Snugging with a Cat.

Kinda Dedicated to my Cat Buster, Who died a year ago when he Got fucked up pretty badly by some of our Adoption huskies

The Dog was put down though so.

The cat is covered in white paint.

I hope he gives it roboclaws :science:.

Fuck cats. :smiley: <3

It looks like it’s dead.

Awww, so cute. xD


How can you even compete with such adorableness.

That cat is definitely not a spy.

The cat is from team blu

The cat is a pirate


:3 Mew

That cats got sunglasses. i think

That cat is a spy.



I want that model :3:

Awww, so cute. :3:


That’s not paint it’s- interupted “Cream Gravy!”