Engineer standing his ground (shooting offscreen)

The picture is ‘messy’ on purpose!
(Side note : the odd shadow on the engineer’s left hand is an invisible prop I used to place the ragdoll, the hatless version isn’t affected by the tf2 phys addon to make them easier, thus I had to use a prop to pose the hand properly)


Very nice.

looks pretty good.

It have good “meet the” video feeling, good job.

Huhu thanks :smiley:

I love it :smiley:

looks pretty cool

Has a very “Ehanced_AI” feel to it.

Where’d you get those old TF2 muzzle flash? If it was in the game already, I wasn’t aware of it.

It’s in the game, browse the effects under the tf2 section, the name is minigunmuzzle / sentrymuzzleflash

The engie looks fucking badass. Good work.

Thanks :smiley:
Hey what do you think about the lighting / camera angle? Is it better compared to my previous ones or worse?

The lighting is strangely saturated for a TF2 picture but it works. The camera angle is superb.


2 words KICK ASS

Thanks :smiley:

Oh nice

I always wanted to move SG rockets around while I take a picture, considering the smoke trails are attached to them. I see you did that flawlessly!

Apart from that failure muzzleflash, it looks sweet


It’s RIDDICK! :smiley:

Looks awesome, a little motion blur on the sents barrel to suggest it was firing wouldn’t hurt though.