Engineer takes control of 2Fort (+Random older images)

Engineer takes control of 2Fort…

I used the scatter gun as i haven’t managed to install the shotgun fix correctly.

C&C for the above please (and for the below if you want but i know they are far from great)

Random older stuff:

First ever pose (thats why its in GM_Construct)

The idea was there… but not my skill (also i know i blood raped it but only have stock in game blood)

Thanks for taking a look and i hope you didn’t laugh to much xD

Image upload fail

60+ views, no reply and 3 ratings?

Damn you people are lazy!

Turn up your graphics and AA before you take a screenshot,you have some…interesting ideas but you just need to work on your posing.

it’s gm_construct not cm_construct

Anti-Aliasing is your friend.

I didn’t laugh, sue me.

And he has ** no control of 2fort**
There’s always the sewers.

Sorry maooi that was a typo (/goes to edit)
Anti-Aliasing i shall google
Graphics i cant do anything about as im on my laptop, besides the graphics aren’t terrible
Mrfantasticool im just ignoring you because you seem like an arse

Woops i think editing my typo lost all the ratings >.<

No one wants to comment on an badly posed picture with a mediocre idea.

Yeah i guess so, in my defence I’ve only had it for a few weeks