Engineer Taking Aim At A Wounded Scout

(Long title, I know)


Haven’t really posted anything what so ever in probably a few weeks or something. This image is 100% In-game.

Link to funny, but fucked up Panorama (Stitch). I’m still new to photo stitching. :slight_smile:

+Bonus! Not thread worthy, unedited, and bad posing on the sniper. :smiley: (Self-critic)

C&C to your heart’s desire. :slight_smile: <3

Your title is puny compared to one of mine!



Seriously though, good picture. I like the pistol, it kinda fits even though it doesn’t.

Posing’s good, the Scout has a fucked up mouth though.

You can tell where you’ve used an opaque splatter brush, gaussian blur and brush modes fix this most of the time.


What the fuck are you talking about, I used Colour Mod, Bloom, Super DoF, Light Volumes, Fog Override, Sharpen. If you could show me where these so called splatter brushes, and gaussian blur brush modes or whatever, that’d be great. Because I didn’t.

Oh yeah, and I used 1 Light bulb.

The blood. Either that or you shot it in the hand and Valve just suck at blood.

No need to go uber-anal.


and now I’ve taken a peek at the original. Ignore what I said. How did you get TF2 blood in Garry’s Mod?

God damn that’s long (Do not take it out of context, boys) And yeah the pistol is a hexed colt from FPS or something like that, thanks for commenting. :smiley:


Sorry, in a bad mood today. And you reply quickly. The blood is an addon from .org

I reply quickly because I’m staying in this section waiting for people to post criticism about my explosion-filled MANLYYYYYYYY screenshots.

Oh god


I like how you used TF2 blood decals.

nice camera angle