Engineer update

[ul]Basically, I didn’t care what new things they gonna have in the Engineer update because I don’t play much on TF2 anymore[/ul]
[ul]they might get a lot of people spawning as an Engineer just for an achievement & weapons so my advice to you is wait for a few weeks before you play TF2[/ul]
[ul]I’m desperate for a Shattered Horizon models[/ul]
[ul]It’s a quick stuff[/ul]
[ul]Why do I get a bad spelling?[/ul]

great grammar you have there

You should inventing a new gun.

He’s French.

I’m Swedish, that’s no excuse. :colbert:

Holy crap did anyone notice that epic Shotgun reskin?

Why do I get a bad spelling?

Invent stuff. Not inventing stuff.

I am inventing something right now.

I want to invent something, but what?

I’m Russian and I spell marvelous. :smug:

He’s French and it is obvious he is learning English, as his grammar is legible, and not what a translator like Babelfish would throw up.


If I want to call it inlent in stead of invent, I blood well will do so. The TF2 crew eats to many… sadnvitses<<------- I dear you.

Call me paranoid, but the shadow looks like a headcrab.

Sad witnesses, not sadnvitses. Also deer. Not dear.

Walked right in to it:mmmsmug: And it really is dare. But is it really?