Engineer walking trough the battlefield of Thundermountain

Rate/Hate and if you rate dumb please explain why even if its the “we hate The combine” bandwagon

I really like the atmosphere, it could use some water splashes though.

I might not like you Combine, but that shouldn’t cloud my judgement when criticizing your screenshots. Have a palette.

Cheers Haxxer.
Altough I really tried changing my attitude by now. Thanks for commenting :buddy:

Nice. I really must learn to make that rain. Looks so good.

The raindrops should be bigger in front of the character because they are closer to the camera. Also, you could have added some awesome lighting to the engi.

Yeah, maybe some lightning? It’s Thundermountain after all.

I would have used 3 or 4 layers on the rain perhaps to achieve depth.

a lightning in the background would have been great. it couldve illuminated the engineer from the back

Was thinking about that but apparently when you use lamps Super DoF crashes your G-Mod.:frown:
A lighting would have been really cool I agree.

It is too dark, posing isn’t very good, rain doesn’t look 3d, the empty part of the picture is too big.
I didn’t rate “dumb”.

Legs are too close to eachother, doesn’t look like he’s walking either. Not much of a battlefield, it’s empty, boring, and the smiling engineer isn’t helping much.

That explains one dumb. Whats with the other 4? Stop hiding behind your boxes.

great pic combine, but i didn’t know there was a hate bandwagon of you

anyways, really nice rain, although a little too dark and could be less generic

Well im guessing since my pictures always get up to 9-10 dumbs.
Thanks for commenting everybody :buddy:

I think your pictures are alright tbh, and nobody hates you. I get the same on my pictures. 5 - 10 boxes a picture. :o

Mind posting the original I’d like to edit this :smiley:

Have fun:

He’s a dude. On one side of the picture.

Thanks 'bro.