Engineer Working Overtime

Damn simulations. How do they work?


Ha, he is trying to figure out his own update

Do YOU ever get told before you get promoted?

It would be funny if he was complaining about TF2 and how it’s not realistic.


But it’s still really funny.

Looks nice. Fingerposing is good apart from some minor clipping.

Yeah. It was “impossible” to pose his hand on the helmet. if only models could no-collide with themselves.

Amen, brother.

That would be so awesome. Someone need to develop such a tool. It can’t be that hard, can it?

Maybe a bit of better posing on the arms and head need due, along with maybe an expression, but other than that I guess it’s pretty decent.

I don’t understand how people can walk in, tell people to pose better and leave.

Have you heard of something called EXPLAINING things? Like. Instead of saying “this tasted bad” you say, “this tasted bad, I think you should remove the pineapple from the soup to make it taste good”.

There are heaps of ways this could have been posed differently.

I heard that the engineer uses Linux

This I have to agree with.
The forum has become rude as hell since last summer.

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe the shitstorm of idiotic newbies over the last few months have made us all a bit pissier. I actually don’t blame anyone for being a little bit ticked off, at least not in here.