EngineError and SmartWelding

Hae all, So I was playing Gmod like I love doing so much, Building a big ship that will probably never fly.
and then…

I get a nice Engine Error!!
Game crashed and all, i do have a Dupe, but my Dupe is half broken anyway because Smart Weld crapped out, Infinite Loop Detected it told me, So it reached 1000 welds, I know its not Infinite, so anyway I can make Smart Weld like, not protected, a ‘hack’ or work around for this? And also, Any Idea what this error means.

Occurred when unfreezing my Ship, I have only just finished the first level and have another two to go, I am estimating about 3000 props once it is finished. its currently a 10th of that, but I have only made walls and a few Ramps, Doors and using 1 Stargate Atlantis iris.

Two of youre phx 4x4 props are colliding.

p.s If you’re ship is gonna be that big when its finished you may get the error- no free adicts.

Ed_Alloc: No free edicts.

If your prop count reaches over 2048 or so on flatgrass (it’s less on maps with entities already on it) then you will crash with that error.

If you want a really big ship, I recommend SpaceBuild Enhancement Project.

The props are great for making bases, they all fix together nicely, and they are larger then PHX plates, so you don’t need as many props. (less likely to hit the 2048 limit)

A limit of 2048, Oh that is a bummer, My ship is gonna be a lot bigger than that… :S I guess it will have to be smaller, and Ill have to make it into a base or something. Ill looking into the SpaceBuild Enhancement Project, Thanks Carlisle, and .badmin., What you mean by two props colliding, they do that all the time? I mean is it like several hundred props are all putting force onto one that is colliding with another or some endless loop of forcing fail? and I thought contraptions just spaz when that happens. Either way, I will have to look into make a ship smaller than ‘The Pillar of Autumn’, Halo PC Ftw. Thanks all for your help :slight_smile: