Engineer's fists are made of steel!

My first try at green screen.

Quite good for your first try at green screening. I’d say they only problem, relating to the actual green screen, is that the lighting on the engineer is way different than the scene he’s put into. Next time I’d suggest trying to get relatively similar lighting on the engineer and the environment he’s placed in.

I don’t really see why it needs to be green-screened. I can only think the lighting is off.

Why did you green screen it? couldn’t you have just loaded up that level in TF2 and film it there?

I could of, yes. But I just wanted to try out something new.

While it’s true that there was no need for it, with this you’ve seen some of the problems of green screen through the criticism, so when you need to use it on better situations you’ll be sort of prepared.

Well you got the angle pretty good. For future advice, find a way to simulate lighting, (if you use vegas, bump mapping might work well for that.)

How do you record from TF2 from a 3rd person view?

Turn on cheats,then type “thirdperson” , no quotes, in the console.