Engineer's new friend

Say hello to SapTrap V2.

fucking nice.

Apparently using the prop-resizer tool gives excellent results.

Haha awesome

That’s pretty rad man!

Took me some time to fix some errors with those models though, good to see people liked this.

Oh, and before I forget, everything was done ingame (except film grain)


Shit double post :sigh:

That is just fucking amazing.

Have a palette.

Thanks everyone, Didn’t think it was THAT good…

Oh god I can picture it now
“Hey, Spy, wanna see me dance?”
The spy then proceeds to shoot himself.

Where have you found a prop resizer tool?

It’s pretty useful when you want to make all kinds of cool contraptions…
Or screenshots like this one.

Whenever I use that tool the physics break and I’m unable to rotate the tool in any way, and or freeze it.

Uncheck “Restrict Angles”
And the physics break only on a few props, if you still find a way to move them (as in weld them to a small prop) you get what I just did.