engineer's suggestions for more realistic and balanced crafting

Rust newbie here, however, I thought I’d give my two cents anyway :slight_smile:

I believe any weapon beyond a flintlock revolver should require what we can call a “machine shop”, which should not be craftable and only be available in certain buildings in rad towns.
percussion cartridges require certain chemical compounds which you could only make with proper chemical mixing equipment, again, something that should only be available in rad towns.
this would make the advanced automatic weapons a lot harder to make, while still allowing repeating firearms like the aforementioned flintlock (also known as pepperbox) revolver to be manufactured anywhere.


I have to say I like the rad town idea. Would make the rad towns hot spots for good gun fights. Not to mention having to take into consideration the radiation and (for now) the rad bears/wolves.

sounds good, except the first people to make automatic guns, camp out the area can farm the rest of the server. maybe once the map is bigger and alot more rad towns, but right now i don’t want to see this.

im not totally against the idea, after all, garry said that he wants the majority of the game to have emergent gameplay. so i see this going in later when people are building the rad towns, rather then soon

I like this idea but you would probably need to greatly increase the radiation zone so people cant just base completely/mostly around or close to the town

I agree with shufly, having permanent, stationary resources would be very tricky to balance… Even with the radiation, rad pills are currently easy to come across, especially for a group constantly holding and defending a town.

There’s some debate about modern weapons but from what I understand they will be uncraftable later on.

Where did you hear they will be uncraftable?

Oh gosh… I don’t have quotes saved or anything. Mostly rumor mill, I’m sure.

Some people think they’ll be removed altogether, but I’m not sure if anyone knows one way or the other.

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Furthermore, any plans (even if they came right from Garry’s mouth) could change no matter what. :v: