Engleski roleplayers

ako vas izgledaju, sve engleski RP čovjek moći ne pratiti poslovnik, gdje europski čovjek moći, zašto?

A important question to croatian/bosnian speakers.

As for people who don’t understand, that sucks. xD. Although this isn’t really an important question, but it’s true.

Yeah. Most RP is based around English bases… Their are a few Dark RP servers which are German ,and French ,but it’s minority to most servers.

I’d suggest starting your own server, you may find yourself recruiting a few engleski players. :smiley:

That wasn’t the question at all…


What? That wasn’t the question, although I know you can’t understand it unless you used a translator of some sort( unless you speak bosnian or croatian ), but still, not the question.

And I have a private roleplaying server.

Dude , your english is very good , why won’t you ask that question in english?
Unless you found the best translator in the world.

Second language english, I just use it more than croat now so I’ve improved a ton.