English knight from Assassin's creed

Hi, I have searched and all I found were images of a supposed altair model ripped from the game. I have a request for any skilled member to please rip from the .forge file the model of the English knight with the red bucket helmet and heraldic chain mail half coat.

The character looks like this:

If you find it exceedingly difficult,please provide the location of where I may download the file extractor program. Thanks.

You mean the Templar knights? Also yes! I actually was going to make a request for it sometime. Although, yeah someone please give a link or port a Templar! Sword and shield would also be nice.

I think it’s an English knight because it accompanies King Richard. The Templars you talk about wear white and are the ones scattered throughout the game in secret locations.

I like the “red knight” pictured above because of the cool discolorations on his helmet, the coat of arms on his tabard and the sagging chain mail pant leg. Some of those features aren’t found on the Templars.

Any of them with Red on their Helmets are Templars. That guy is part of Robert’s Personal Troop, who happen to accompany King Richard, so he’s got a different uniform to the normal Templars. I dunno how hard it would be to port but someone could try.

They’re crusaders, but not of the Templar order. The Templars have a red cross coat of arms on their tabards or surcoats while the English have the English coat of arms which is checkered red and lions. The Hospitallers wear black with a white cross.

As for porting, I remember seeing someone showing screenshots of models in the T pose while saying it’s from a viewer. That member has since been banned so I’m not sure if a viewer/porter was ever made or she just photoshopped it. It looks authentic though.

Edit: Here you can see the coat of arms used by King Richard which is the lions facing each other.

Still it would be awesome if some can attempt to port it.

Definitely, and it’s been quite a while. I’m guessing it’s the difficulty of extracting the .forge files that’s the problem. I spend an hour just scouring the net for any information on forge files but nothing about an extractor came up.

It really is a shame because this is probably one of the most realistic and beautifully crafted models I’ve seen in a long time.

i got a bunch of crap out, give me a game save to the direct spot. i don’t ply AC, dumb game. but if you want it’s not alot of work to rip. just get me a save to the place that models at.

Do you mean you only require the save game file? How did you do it? Perhaps the model materials I require is already in your possession?

Dude, can you rip Altair also?

Hey mario, the model is in a small fort in the kingdom map(The one connecting the 3 cities together) it is the one that is pictured in my first post. Do you want me to ride there and then exit the game and retrieve the save game for you? Is that how it works?

Hi mario, here is the save file:

************com/files/155990510/1223813013.sav.html (it’s rapidshare)

Also, someone found a texture(only) extractor, the other files like model and sound are still encoded. the output file is .dds which can be read by paint.net and photoshop -like programs.

A. how save files are supposed to allow you to extract the models
They don’t, but I can load to that area in the game, run 3dripper and take a rip.
Instead of me running around AC hours on head trying to figure out where the hell to go.

B. i’m not a coding guru and you are
?uhm? where abouts did I state I am a coder, or had an extractor. stop
insisting someone give you some ultimate AC extractor program, it don’t exist.

C. are you pulling my leg here?
I never said extract the models from the save file, and I usually don’t
lie when I offer help

D. you were busy and didn’t have time to reply
Welcome to life kid, time is short I only get time on weekends (barely)

**E. tell me exactly how you accomplished that? **
Google 3d ripper; it hooks to any dx9 game and allows you to capture
the frame buffer.

F. i also noticed that you abandoned my thread and perhaps had no
intention of following up on your promise to help. that is perplexing.

…ok this is what sort of annoyed me, I offered my help fine. but
don’t PM me a guilt trip about doing a job for you. Anyway my help
stops here;

you can have the OBJ rip, but find someone else to do the compiling.
I don’t have time for it, since I’m juggling projects for other
people on this forum, and other forums



You’ve earned my thanks hero. I’m sure you will make many friends on your travels.

wow that is incredible work. thanks a lot

could someone reupload this? the file got swiped off filefront’s servers.

DEAR GOD! Please re-upload

hey guys, although i didn’t get the entire body,i was able to extract pieces of it.


includes all the obj,mtl, textures, diffuse and normal maps for the knight. also includes variety of helmets.

be warned, everything is separated into: mail coif, head, hands, torso, legs, helmet.

if there are things missing, you can try to get it using this tool

this is a working of elsebody. i just relay the message. someone convert model into their favorite game. so possible to do so for gm construct too. look: