Engy Regrets Crafting Camera Beards into scrap.

Yeah, quick work, i dont like the lighting, flame, swear, comment. w/e.


I like the lighting, just the shading on the Engie looks a bit terrible.

The shading on the engie is fine. I like the pic.

I feel you man…

I’ve never even got a camera beard before. what’s it about

Everyone turned their beards into scrap because they weren’t counted as a hat, but March 18th update changed that.

**I think… **

Everyone kept getting camera beards while it was a misc item, on March 18th an update changed it so that misc items including the camera beard could be crafted into hats.

But mostly everyone crafted them into scrap.

Oh shit, what does the hat do? Nice pose and camera angle but I don’t like the bright light.

i think its spelled engi
but the shading looks… overshaded
btw, is it exploding in the background?

Hats are cosmetic and provide no gameplay value

true fuckin story bro


5 hats down the drain man

Thanks for comments everyone :wink: