Enhanced Citizens v4


After about a year I’ve finally got around to remastering my Enhanced Citizens v3 model pack, and it’s pretty fucking good now. This is built upon Lt_C’s Enhanced Citizens Redux, but it features many things I found lacking about it. All of the bodygroups are the same between male and female models, all models have a glasses bodygroup, and they’re fully playermodel compatible. These models also use some fancy hands that I got from the GMod playermodel hands, and have updated flexes that I got from Bloocobalt (I think)

File System
I’ve designed the files to make for easy editing and compilation, all of the main model qc files are in the root directory, and they use $include, $pushd, and $popd to make it easy to edit all of them at once. base_male and base_female contain all of the smd files that are used for bodygroups, and also contains subfolders for model-specific bodygroups such as beanies and glasses. The torso and legs are shared across all of the files, making it easy to make modifications.

[DEL]My Demands
I’m actually trash at making poses and I need a fancy icon to show on the GMod workshop, so can someone make me one before I upload it on there?[/DEL]

Peace To:
Bloocobalt: for helping me when I was originally starting this project.
Lt_C: facemaps, general modelling help.
Braxen: for forcing me to update this goddamned model pack.
Navaro: facemaps
Tons of other random people whose facemaps I stole.

Extended Citizens
I’ve also got a branch for personal use called Extended Citizens which pretty much just features clothing that isn’t from the HL2 universe, like the jacket in the picture. This pack will probably receive more updates than the main one, so use it if it tickles your fancy.
This pack needs to be installed alongside the main pack to function, but it doesn’t override any files (hopefully)


I really love these mods. Here’s a pic featuring the extended part. To be honest with you, I’d just scratch the enhanced one and simply use the extended one since the extended one is just enhanced + some really cool jackets.


By the way, how would I add the faces to the suits and robbers pack? Do I copy the models/player/zelpa stuff into another citizen addon that has a similar structure?

I’ll probably keep the Enhanced + Extended format as people might not like stuff I add to the extended ones, as it’s for personal use. The source files are all on Github if anybody wants to make their own versions of it though.

The faces are a combination of a ton of random packs I have, and it’s not really organised. If you do want to copy the faces over you’ll need to edit all of the .vmt files to match up with the new directory.

Great image by the way, I’ll use that on the workshop page for the Extended Citizens.

you don’t know true pain until you release playermodels on the workshop and then get comments asking you to make them into playermodels, but anyway you can now subscribe to these on the workshop for automatic updates and stuff.

Enhanced Citizens, Extended Citizens

Any plans on adding suits or other normal clothes to the Extended Citizens pack?

yep, i still have to fix up the jackets and stuff though first, the female meshes are absolute trash.