Enhanced Citizens


Good work Enhanced_AI, we did well together.

Enjoy everyone!

Good, very good.

Nice job.

Looks nice, going to have to try it out.

Yay five fingers!

Looks awesome, downloading.

Dat Hot. :c00lbert:

Freakin amazing


Dat lighting (pre nirrti eye fix.)

Very nice.

Excellent! truly amazing work right there.
Alas just missing the women of HL2.

Me and Bloo will work on the women at a later date.

My first install on my new, clean Gmod.

That’s right I’m going to pose something.

Half of your name says the truth,you enhance stuff :v:,but you don’t make NPCs :v:

'Dat man’s on drugs.


What’s the point in making NPC’s of something that’s already an npc.


Fucking nice.

Excellent work


Great work! Now do the females. Please.

Edit: I’ve got a missing eye texture overlay. Probably one of the thousand textures that .vmt file references.