Enhanced Counter Strike CT and Terrorist models

After getting both Enhanced Citizens and Combine, there’s something I’ve been thinking - should Enhanced CTs and Terrorists for Counter Strike be made?

I think it has some good potential. Right now, the Counter Strike playermodels have really rigid skeletons and aren’t very good for posing purposes, and suffer from the ever-present fused fingers. Worst of all, they lack both face and eye posing.
With the usual skeleton added for posing models, along with seperate fingers, faceposing and posable, better looking eyes , it would be much more easier to use the models.

In addition to that, Bodygroups are such could be implemented, allowing switching for stuff like helmets, gasmasks, body armour, skimasks and such. HL2 Citizen heads could be included aswell, and the CS heads could get various skins aswell.

But this is where we could possibly do some cross-game implemention. While we could have one version for posing in Garrysmod, we can have a playermodel reskin version for Counter Strike, giving it the normal CSS skeleton and making the fingers work like Kleiner’s or Judith’s fingers (All seperate, but the last three move together.) Perhaps an addon for servers to allow players to customize their models? Perhaps female version might be included aswell, but I’m not sure about that.

So just to bring up a summary of changes:
-Enhanced textures
-Better skeleton for posing
-HL2 Citizen Heads
-Female Variations(?)
-Seperate fingerposing

So what do you guys think?

wait…Combine? link?
also i support

I got the models when Bloo linked them when someone asked for Enhanced Combine, I’m not sure if he’s released them yet, go PM him.

I agree.