Enhanced Planet Devkit

[release]These are planet devkits that I made. There are six different sizes. Feel free to use them. Please do not upload them anywhere else. If you use these in your map(s) you do not have to give me credit. Thanks.[/release][release]Screenshots:

2048 Planet:

5120 Planet:

8192 Planet:


Garrysmod.org (Fixed Version):

Filefront (Fixed Version):

Very useful.

tyvm these are far better than any other ones out there.

Wonderful. Thanks.

Nice,I hope some new SB maps will come out using this.

I 'm not a mapper at all,I don’t really know what I’m talking about lol.

Are they supposed to be flat when imported into hammer?

Yes. Unlike the other Planet Dev Kits, these ones don’t have bottoms… (Could you please add bottoms in with the next pack please Pelf?)


I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for your comments guys. :love:

Yay! No problem :smile:

What is the purpose of this exactly?

To help make spacebuild planets.

12 sides? What is this, Quake 2?

Thanks, this is very useful.

How do you make the hollow sphere around the plant?
Just hollowing a sphere creates 100s of brushes

Never, ever ever ever hollow/carve.

I know how to map, but the only way to make a hollow sphere perfectly is to use the hollow function.
At least that I can think of.

And besides saying never use hollow doesn’t help me in any sort of way

There are other ways.
But they shall remain a secret. Unless you decide to be my disciple in the ways of mapping :ninja:
Ah, nvm just ask if you wanna know.

If you know everything about spacebuild mapping, (Atmospheres, that sort of thing) then I’d gladly accept your help.

The planet is actually an effect prop.