Enigma is something I’ve been working with for a few days now.
Inspired by “This is the only level” flash game by John I’ve decided to create something similar.
Every single “chamber” as I like to call them is the same , 8 walls, floor and ceiling but the puzzle type is different in each.
Thanks to Freakrules’ kindness the map has its own music.
Sound effects, textures and things like that are also there, also because I am 20-14 I added cutscenes, deal with it.
For now, the map has 8 chambers, but I’ll give you guys the version with 3 because I’m a terrible person.
I’d also like to apologise to people with epilepsy, my map uses some bright lights, if you want I can add the version which has the colors grayed out and light flickering (future) off.

Link temporarily unavaiable, because I’m stupid :smiley:

It may be a very simplistic approach, but I haven’t been mapping for some time and thought of coming up with something small, yet entertaining.
Also a very simple thing to ask.
Constructive criticism please, opinions, questions, everything goes.
I’ll be happy to see what your opinions are.
Have fun.

Screenies :





That looks really nice, its always good to have something a bit different on here.

Putting those shader skills to good use, looks great.

It’s just cubemap reflections.

Those are 5 different rooms?

They are the same layout but different colors, signifying a different puzzle or hazard in the room. It’s like the Cube movie series.

In fact, the room looks like this :

Coming up with next tier of puzzles next week, maybe I’ll update the topic soon.