Enlarge Textures for hexed model without them blurring

I’ve been trying to hex a whole bunch of Minecraft Player Skins for Garry’s Mod, but the Minecraft skin file, which is this for example;


Is too small, so when I scale it up to fit in the VTF for the Player Character Model in the Garry Craft Model Pack, it winds up blurry, like so;


Is there a way to enlarge tiny textures/skins without them going all blurry like that? I mean, it had to be done to get the Minecraft models into gmod.

What program are you using to enlarge them?

Photoshop CS4. I use it for all my skin hexing needs.

And I’m pretty sure the default textures should work just fine too.

What Default Textures?

EDIT: Explain it to me, please? The originals, when pasted over the VTF for the player character, are super small.

EDIT EDIT: Nevermind, I think I understood what you said, and I think I got the fix for it.

Gonna report back if I fix it or not

When resizing the image, select “nearest neighbor”


Try adding noise to it, noise usually makes stuff looks better. Do above before adding noise however.

Solved it, and in a strangely easy to access place.

I opened up the tiny minecraft textures in Paint, and just resized/skewed them by 400%. They enlarged to roughly the same size as the minecraft player model VTF, and a simple copy/paste and resize, and WALLAH!!!

2 things.

  1. It’s “Voila” not “Wallah”

  2. “Voila,” file not found. :suicide:

Damn it does have an I in it ~.~ will have to go fix that elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

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