"Enlist and die" - Warning outside a manor

"You want my honest opinion Boryslaw? I don’t think you want to take it down, they’d probably treat you as a collaborator. Then again the union might do the exact same."



this is like the only time this blurred out editing looks good

in this case this is amazing


I like it. Might have been a bit cooler if the corpse had its eyes open.

Interesting reverse psychology elistment campaign.

The middle guy looks like a time traveler with his modern clothes.

Well…it’s a future,right? May be he just found it.

Yeah, when I posed it I thought I’d make his throat cut. But then I changed my mind and made the bullet holes in to the sign.

I wouldn’t call a radio, combat boots and modern webbing very non-modern.

It’s part of this pseudo-modern fantasy setting.

By middle guy I mean the guy between the two other guys. The first one to the left. In the baseball cap and hoodie.

Yeah, and he’s saying that the right guy is dressed in full modern gear.

Ooh, couldn’t tell because his body was too dark.

Love it.

Yeah, I did first think the right guy was dressed in some civil war outfit and the guy with the baseballcap was out of palce. But then i looked again and saw he wasn’t all civil war’y.

Nice job I like it and it’s original.

Reminds me of the Nazis and the Resistance, nice.