Enough Is Enough, Who's making this?

Alright Face Punch! I have heard enough of your rants on the RP player base. Someone should just make an RP server, and invite a couple interviewed people from FP. Get some real roleplayers, on a private, password protected server. Stop you whining and just do it! I’m sure Fpers would donate for a server like this!It could be Dark Rp with just Merchant, and citizen, it could be cake script, taco script, HELL, it could be sandbox we could rp on it! Stop your bitching if your not gonna do anything about it.

Why don’t you make it?

Quit your bitching. This isn’t ever going to happen.

Lol, i just posted a thread about starting a server like that xD

Never use [sp]xD[/sp] on FacePunch.

why? is that :S

Because you will be raped, this is the home of multiple virtual serial rapers.

It’s funny.
You complain about people bitching, yet you make a thread like this.

There have been a server like this, run by Vince from RRP. It was running DarkRP and it was password protected. And yes, he actually managed to pull it off.
Here are the main probs with GMod RP nowadays:

  1. Mingebags. Let’s face it, they will keep joining since like 80% of all gmod servers are shitty DarkDM servers.
  2. DarkDM. Yes, I am calling it DarkDM because that’s mostly what it is. The script itself is ok although it could be better, but the biggest problem is that it’s practically cursed. It is cursed to forever revolve around guns and to be bashed due to its mingebags and due to the fact that there’s a gazillion servers running it. I am well aware of the fact that there ARE good DarkRP servers, but such servers are often password protected and run a highly modified version of DarkRP.
  3. The script wars. Ya, sadly this is a problem.
    Everyone strives for having the most ubz0r 1337 RP script ever on their server. Everyone wanna look proffesional, so they buy shitty scripts from Kuro that will break after two weeks.
    Back in the days we used to RP in sandbox, ffs. What happened to that? Why does everything have to be so fucking advanced all of a sudden?

GMod RP isn’t dead, it’s just corrupted and boring.

And before you make a thread like this again, look around, it’s already been done.

[/end of post]

I don’t want people from the roleplaying section on any server of mine, thank you very much.

I guess you could say he succeded, but truth is that it only really worked for about two months, it died long ago.
And truth is, that even though that Vince was sort of the leader of server and the community, it was actually mostly a few other people who really kept it alive.

People like plasmetic raven for an example, he was probably the best roleplayer there.
And lets not forget Dr.Nimbles, who was sort of like the co-owner, and even though he was not really the server owner, it often felt like he cared way more than Vince did, and he too made the server much more interesting.

And ofcourse there was also smoke n you, who was also a very good roleplayer, having one of the most interesting character’s there, but on top of that, he did almost all of the coding for the weapons on the server, and he was pretty damn good at it.

How the fuck did i make my post got so sidetracked?
The point is, that Vince was not really what made RRP good, the player’s where, well, except for about two or three of them, and unfortunately those where some of the most active players, but every single other player was great, and that was what made RRP good.