Enough Rebinding

lua, lau, same thing.

Because, like a large majority of the internet, they enjoy trolling.

Oh wait, so if it’s not Slob, not cunta cook, not AzuiSleet…
It must have been JetBoom. Lets burn the witch. LuaFaggots engage flailing retard protocol, summon AzuiSleet NOW!

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I’d suggest you remove “LuaFaggots” before you get banned.

Lua scripters seem to fight mostly over programming paradigms, do something “wrong” and they troll you, instead of trying to suggest a better paradigm.

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i think hes trollin bro

wait no no way impossibel !

What do you mean?

You totally proved Azu wrong. Hey everyone, this guy knows exactly what he is doing.

mean you do what¿

I’m a bit slow, what is this?

jmp 14e3bdcd
jmp short 14e26233



what? you don’t know? It’s the only thing azu couldn’t figure out. It’s the key to everything.

Perhaps now I can stop getting locked out of the bathroom.

Pretty sure Azu knows.

ers35 linked this on FP a while back, it’s similar.


Yes, indeed.

Not all scripters are jerks, just the really good ones that get full of themselves and decide to be assholes. It’s a shame really.

That aside, I have no idea what I’m looking at. :downs:

ers35’s way is literally the worst way of doing it.

if it takes server space, then yeah. it is malicious bro

Ye but it has its advantages