Enough, Sidious.

Why do this to the GMod community? Stop spamming, it makes you look 8 years old.

If you want, mods, send this to Drop Dead also.

Please, do, moderators! All… twenty-some-odd threads!

Someone PM TheForgotten, or whatever his name is. He’s the only mod on.

dragon ur gay i’ll add u to the spamming if u would like

I’m really sick of sidious too. He really needs to shut the fuck up.

Well, you guys got what you wanted… for now. :\ Oh, and in case you get the wrong idea, I’m expressing my disapproval that he’s going to do it again if he doesn’t get IP banned. Once is enough.

I wonder for how long, he’s the kind of person to not let something go, he came back twice after the first ban.

He’s going to do it again. He said so in one of his spam posts.

It will be two days or so and he’ll be back…and how the hell did he spam that fast, just wow.

im gonna tell him to do it tomorrow… and ill watch… hehehe

^^^ shut up

Back-seat moderation is a bad thing.

Good thing he hasn’t done this in a while.

Look at the fucking date for Christ sakes!

For a second I thought that a Mod besides Uberslug had made a Gmod screenshot, truely dissapointing :frown:

Well, good thing he’s perma’d now.