Enough with improving raiding/pvp/terrain. Let's focus on PvE.

PvE in this game is pitiful. It is way to easy to survive as solo and I imagine for large groups it is even easier.

We HAVE what we need for PvP. Right now this game is CoD mixed with minecraft. You build a base, shoot people and raid other peoples bases.

Where is the survival? this is a survival game isn’t it?

I have made multiple threads with suggestions on how to improve Rust’s PvE but they just get a little bit of interest before they are drowned by threads on “Help I can’t raid easy enough” or “Rock bases are OP”

On one of my threads I had an excellent post by some guy who thinks the same as I do.

Here it is:

Discuss: Do you think the devs should turn their attention to PvE now?

Most game breaking bugs should be pretty well taken care of within the next patch or two, I would say after that, they need to rebalance the weapons and then work on PVE and reasons to get out in the world.

Here is a list of things that should probably get done soon. or later: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1462754

I think that they need to add more reasons to get out of your castle, ( besides the fact you are done/bored with crafting your c4 pile )

there are several suggestions that will do this:

Landmark Trade Routes ( with unique resources/rewards )

More events such as Ship Wrecks, sunken treasure, Meteor Shower/Comet crash, Killer Robot/Robot Guardian.

Some Rad Towns changed to Sierra Army Depot Type Locations. ( http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Sierra_Army_Depot )

Remove Global Chat, Introduce Local Chat and Hand Held Radios ( with changeable frequencies. )

After the dev that is working on the Research Workbench gets done with that, they should add some major PVE elements that are good sources of blueprints, and make it so you can lose blueprints stored in you research workbench.

Also Research Workbench should unlock a few more default blueprints by itself.

I totally agree with y0himba’s quote there. I want a harsh and deadly environment that forces a very scarce and scavanging lifestyle, not just hoarding of stuff in boxes between wipes.

Cold is decently deadly, I think it needs to be more lethal. I think they need to make even the warm biomes get uncomfortably cold at night, and fine during the day, while cold is always lethal unless you have lots of winter clothes and heating.

Animals should also be more deadly. Wolves should be more plentiful and travel in packs, and bears should kill you in about 2 hits and outrun humans in the short term.

Weather systems should roll through like thunderstorms, sandstorms, blizzards, etc. These should be super rare tho, like SUPER rare, because having them happen too often will wear out the novelty. Like, once a week in real time would be reasonable in terms of rarity IMO. Sandstorms and blizzards are probably more common but still shouldn’t happen too often.
Diseases* should eventually be brought in. If you fail to treat or bandage/wash a wound properly, it should fester and become a disease. The longer you keep this disease, the worse it gets and the more it hinders you, until it finally kills you if left untreated.